Sengcham Drukmo Girls' Home

Sengcham Drukmo Girls' Home (SDGH) was started in 2005 and is located in Golok, a Tibetan prefecture in the Qinghai province in Southwest China. It is a year-round residential school and orphanage for Tibetan girls marginalized by poverty and gender discrimination. The combination of extreme poverty, cultural and political displacement, as well as outdated gender practices, has created a dire situation for many Tibetan girls. Some girls have found their way to SDGH because their families were too poor to care for them, or their brother’s access to education was valued over theirs. Others have found their way because they were running away from forced marriages. Some were orphaned due to their caregivers' illnesses, death, or mental disabilities. However, these girls are not defined by their past suffering, rather they are characterized by their capabilities and potential to excel. 

Sengcham Drukmo Girls’ Home is currently home to 180 girls. It's mission is to empower and transform the lives of all the girls there through education, empowerment, and engagement. We strive for the healthy development of women and girls in order to strength Tibetan families and communities. We believe that every individual should be nurtured by equal access to wisdom, compassion, knowledge, and opportunity through education and performing arts. 

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