Sengcham Drukmo Girls' Home

With a lot of dedication and a shoestring budget, Sengcham Drukmo Girls' Home (SDGH) started in 2005. SDGH is is a privately funded home and school located in a mountainous independent Tibetan prefecture in the Qinghai Province. 

Sengcham Drukmo Girls' Home  is committed to educating Tibetan girls in a way that at once challenges oppressive gender social constructions while also  bolstering a rich Tibetan cultural heritage that has been challenged by more than half a century of political tensions. The Girls' Home mission is to ensure the healthy development of girls and women in order to strength Tibetan families and communities who have faced cultural discrimination and oppression for over half a century. SDGH believes that every individual should be nurtured by equal access to wisdom, compassion, personal agency, and opportunity through education. 

Our goals here at SDGH are to provide resources and to increase the capabilities of Tibetan girls and women. Further, broadly, we hope to create a foundation which practices respect for all individuals and to redefine equality as an idea that both liberates women and men. As Tibetans, in the face of enduring conflict, we need to show compassion and acceptance in the equality of our differences.